Monday, June 2, 2014


I was saddened to read that George Perraud, D.O. passed in May. He was a good person, family man, colleague, friend, and physician. I knew him back in the 70's when I was on staff at Doctor's Hospital in Sunrise, where my office was located, just off the strip.

I also saw him as a doctor for a while until he specialized in aviation medicine given his great love of flying. He was always down to earth, caring, and made me laugh despite my aches and pains. Those were rough times for me as it was during my panic and phobia days.

I vividly remember being in his office having a major panic attack thinking I was about to die at the same moment he pronounced my blood pressure "perfect!" Those were the "sounds of silence" days where one told no one just how crazy one was. So nice that these words have become part of our lexicon and no longer need to be hidden from view.

My sadness quickly faded into the realization that George lived till 90, practiced until a month before he passed, enjoyed a long term marriage, and positive relationships with his family, patients and colleagues, and flew gracefully, in and out of a plane Not much more one can ask for in life!

May he rest in the eternal peace he so well earned.

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