Tuesday, June 10, 2014


by all the disillusioned folks who think that going on a random repulsive rampage of red hot rage, guns a'blazing, will bring enlightenment, or for that matter Heaven, when they finally, albeit too late, off themselves.

It seems like just about every week we have a shooting story. In Vegas all three victims, including two police officers, were armed. But how do you defend yourself against people walking up to you, while you are eating lunchtime pizza, who shoot you in the head? Just like that! Good people, family men, and painfully young.

 Or the guy in Wal-Mart who walked over to calm things and was ambushed by the woman—Amanda—whom he didn't know was part of the perp squad. Not to mention the young students gunned down at the university in Santa Barbara, because the perp had some social issues. Or, those in a Jewish museum in Belgium. Or......ad infinitem.

Years ago I said "It's not paranoid to be paranoid these days." These days i simply say, "I am paranoid period—majorly!"

Horrible to think that someone I love can go into "innocent" space and be killed in a flash, when even packing a gun won't help.

Terribly sad and sorry for the victims of the disillusioned. Prayers for their families and for their souls.

Bye for Now,


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