Wednesday, June 25, 2014


when it comes to Miami Heat related headlines and articles in South Florida. They are all about free agents (who don't come free at all) and the possible collapse of the big three: Lebron, Wade, and  Bosh.

Let's be real folks. We are talking about a basketball team—an excellent bb team—at least till the finals where they got beat bad by a team that avenged a lucky win last year.

But these giants of men are not likely to win a Nobel or Pulitzer prize, discover a cure for cancer or other horrific diseases, help our war torn world find peace, or anything like that. They will likely keep playing or being involved in basketball in some capacity and really, I mean, who really cares?

Personally, I wish them well, thank them for their contributions, and do not care one iota. Our world faces serious problems on just about every continent. Whether the "big three" stay or go is hardly worth our attention or the headlines and articles being written.

The big three of Syria, Iraq and Iran—well that is important—critically so. The big three of Africa—huge and scary. The big three of Miami—100+ millionaires they be for their talents and limited contributions to the playing field of life. Huge for them and meaningless for us.

To worship them is to idolize those who don't deserve it. Talents of this kind are  an overrated and overpaid commodity in today's markets. Let's pay our teacher's more and our athletes, movie and rock stars less. Let's put our attention and our money where it deserves to be.

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