Wednesday, June 11, 2014


We now seem to be moving from a random shooting a week to one a day. Yesterday, there was one at a high school on the last day of the year that killed a 14 year old boy and wounded a teacher before the teen perp killed himself.

I think there is a virus among us that won't be stopped until we at least try to enact gun laws that are more sensible and more restrictive. We also need to profile ( I know a dirty word these days) those among us who are high risk and get them help before they come out guns a' blazin.

I would have thought that after the Connecticut massacre of 20 innocent children as well as others, something would have changed. But nada! The NRA rules and that's that.

The male perp in Vegas shouted "The revolution has begun" or words to that effect before killing the 2 policeman. But minutes later he and his wife were dead. What revolution? More like revulsion to me.

Watch your back if you even can.

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