Wednesday, June 25, 2014


when it comes to Miami Heat related headlines and articles in South Florida. They are all about free agents (who don't come free at all) and the possible collapse of the big three: Lebron, Wade, and  Bosh.

Let's be real folks. We are talking about a basketball team—an excellent bb team—at least till the finals where they got beat bad by a team that avenged a lucky win last year.

But these giants of men are not likely to win a Nobel or Pulitzer prize, discover a cure for cancer or other horrific diseases, help our war torn world find peace, or anything like that. They will likely keep playing or being involved in basketball in some capacity and really, I mean, who really cares?

Personally, I wish them well, thank them for their contributions, and do not care one iota. Our world faces serious problems on just about every continent. Whether the "big three" stay or go is hardly worth our attention or the headlines and articles being written.

The big three of Syria, Iraq and Iran—well that is important—critically so. The big three of Africa—huge and scary. The big three of Miami—100+ millionaires they be for their talents and limited contributions to the playing field of life. Huge for them and meaningless for us.

To worship them is to idolize those who don't deserve it. Talents of this kind are  an overrated and overpaid commodity in today's markets. Let's pay our teacher's more and our athletes, movie and rock stars less. Let's put our attention and our money where it deserves to be.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014


that I have off and on read "Steve Jobs" by Walter Isaccson. it is a 600+ page book filled with everything you might want to know about Steve, his genius, his OCD eye for detail, and his strong temper. In his world, things were either great or shit and he aimed for the former over and over. And he achieved it over and over.

His cancer battle was both sad and scary and knocked him out of our world prematurely. One can't help but wonder what our world would be like if he had lived another 30 years. Nonetheless, we are grateful for his giving us so much and leaving an Apple legacy, which is likely to bear more fruit.

Oddly enough, having spent so much time reading the book, I am tempted to reread it. There are many secrets to be unlocked that apply to us all in every avenue of our lives.

Bye for Now,


Saturday, June 21, 2014


Slow down and enjoy life. It's not only the scenery you miss by going too fast—you also miss the sense of where you are going and why.

—Eddie Cantor

Written well before cell phones and all the other technology speeded up the mix!

Old age, especially an honoured old age, has so great authority, that this is of more value than all the pleasures of youth.

—Marcus Tullius Cicero

I'm not convinced. Perhaps Cicero, brilliant as he was, did not have much pleasure as a youth!!

Nobody knows the age of the human race, but everybody agrees that it is old enough to know better.


I'm not convinced that those who should have known better agree. Would you like me to name names?

My grandmother is over eighty and still doesn't need glasses. Drinks right out of the bottle.

—Henny Youngman

He was a real funny guy. Best as I recall he used to say, "Take my wife...PLEASE!!"

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014


to find simple humor these days not laced with politics, the Kardashians, or other "Game of Thrones" wannabes.

Here's one that almost works:

"Later in his life O.J. Simpson was arrested, tried, and convicted. He is in prison now for stealing sports memorabilia. Double homicide, not a problem. Stealing sports memorabilia—that'll get you in the slammer."

—David Letterman

Now that i think about it that is a Game of Thrones wannabe all the way...and i have never watched a single episode. The closest i got was watching the playoffs of the Heat and Rangers getting knocked off their thrones. Wake up calls are not necessarily a bad thing!

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Monday, June 16, 2014


the world is not in such great shape, which is why it is important for you and for me to be in the best shape of our lives.

I'm working on it and hope you are too.

Bye for now,


Wednesday, June 11, 2014


We now seem to be moving from a random shooting a week to one a day. Yesterday, there was one at a high school on the last day of the year that killed a 14 year old boy and wounded a teacher before the teen perp killed himself.

I think there is a virus among us that won't be stopped until we at least try to enact gun laws that are more sensible and more restrictive. We also need to profile ( I know a dirty word these days) those among us who are high risk and get them help before they come out guns a' blazin.

I would have thought that after the Connecticut massacre of 20 innocent children as well as others, something would have changed. But nada! The NRA rules and that's that.

The male perp in Vegas shouted "The revolution has begun" or words to that effect before killing the 2 policeman. But minutes later he and his wife were dead. What revolution? More like revulsion to me.

Watch your back if you even can.

Bye for now,


Tuesday, June 10, 2014


by all the disillusioned folks who think that going on a random repulsive rampage of red hot rage, guns a'blazing, will bring enlightenment, or for that matter Heaven, when they finally, albeit too late, off themselves.

It seems like just about every week we have a shooting story. In Vegas all three victims, including two police officers, were armed. But how do you defend yourself against people walking up to you, while you are eating lunchtime pizza, who shoot you in the head? Just like that! Good people, family men, and painfully young.

 Or the guy in Wal-Mart who walked over to calm things and was ambushed by the woman—Amanda—whom he didn't know was part of the perp squad. Not to mention the young students gunned down at the university in Santa Barbara, because the perp had some social issues. Or, those in a Jewish museum in Belgium. infinitem.

Years ago I said "It's not paranoid to be paranoid these days." These days i simply say, "I am paranoid period—majorly!"

Horrible to think that someone I love can go into "innocent" space and be killed in a flash, when even packing a gun won't help.

Terribly sad and sorry for the victims of the disillusioned. Prayers for their families and for their souls.

Bye for Now,


Wednesday, June 4, 2014


I want to see "The Fault in Our Stars,"which is about 2 teens with cancer who fall in love.

In an interview with Shailene Woodley, the female lead actress, I was struck by her comment:

"I've realized that worry is the product of a future that we cannot guarantee and guilt is the product of a past we cannot change. Once that clicked in, it became easier to live this lighter life. And the happier I am the healthier I am and the better I look and feel."

NICE! Words not always easy to embrace but worth striving toward.

Bye for Now,


Monday, June 2, 2014


I was saddened to read that George Perraud, D.O. passed in May. He was a good person, family man, colleague, friend, and physician. I knew him back in the 70's when I was on staff at Doctor's Hospital in Sunrise, where my office was located, just off the strip.

I also saw him as a doctor for a while until he specialized in aviation medicine given his great love of flying. He was always down to earth, caring, and made me laugh despite my aches and pains. Those were rough times for me as it was during my panic and phobia days.

I vividly remember being in his office having a major panic attack thinking I was about to die at the same moment he pronounced my blood pressure "perfect!" Those were the "sounds of silence" days where one told no one just how crazy one was. So nice that these words have become part of our lexicon and no longer need to be hidden from view.

My sadness quickly faded into the realization that George lived till 90, practiced until a month before he passed, enjoyed a long term marriage, and positive relationships with his family, patients and colleagues, and flew gracefully, in and out of a plane Not much more one can ask for in life!

May he rest in the eternal peace he so well earned.

Bye for Now,


Sunday, June 1, 2014


In a biography, Michael Jordan said he saw so much racism as a kid that he began to "hate all white people." Jordan said he only started to feel compasion for white people after watching them play basketball."

—Conan O'Brian'

Here's a crazy story. A woman was detained after she joined the mile high club on Virgin Air. But the guy she was in there with was not detained. How typical. The guy gets off, but not the girl.

—Jimmy Fallon

My take is that joining the mile high club on Virgin is an oxymoron!

Bye for Now,



angels talk to people that walk, which is partly why I walk 2-4 miles per day.

Reinforcing that was a recent study in England and Scotland of 2800 53 year old people. There was a strong relationship between their being out of shape physically and dying younger and sooner. Those in better shape lived much longer—a nobrainer really but first study to document it.

The choice is yours. Talk to the angels while you walk or let the angel of death visit you sooner than you would like.

Bye for Now,