Friday, May 9, 2014


I have found the Rothstein case puzzling and at times pathetic. How could so many go so far astray? I guess we are all human and susceptible to greed, self-destruction, and poor choices but WTF?

Observing this can help us to strengthen our moral compass to avoid the pain and punishment. Life is about filling our "pride banks" not our "piggy banks" and especially not our "shame and blame accounts."

Yet, I can't help but ask what all these people were thinking as they made the choices and decisions they did. Whatever happened to their "risk/reward" analyses? They were all playing a form of Russian Roulette, where destiny was not on their side. Eventually, risk would win out.

On Wednesday the SS summarized the 23 people so far involved. Multiple moral miscues that lacked a clear and consistent conscience among a group of people that needed to know better and I am pretty sure actually knew better.  They chose a short term gain for a long term pain and prison sentence.

Professionals, biz owners, police, and even his almost ex-wife getting so caught up in crime and back room dealing and wheeling. If it were made into a movie it would lack credibility—totally.

My former professor, Mortimer Feinberg, concluded a long time ago that hubris enables those in power to abuse it by believing they were beyond reproach, as well as beyond the rules of the land.

There are now 23 people (and probably more to come) who have learned that ultimately they would be held accountable for their misdeeds.

Trust is one of our most valuable resources.  Please don't lose yours. Once lost, it is not easy to gain it back. Oftentimes it is impossible. If you don't believe me just ask Pastor Bob!

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