Sunday, April 6, 2014


 Here is my vote for recent late night jokes:

Seth Meyers

The Kremlin announced today that Valdimir Putin and his wife have officially divorced. She'll get the house and the car and he'll get Crimea, Ukraine and Belarus.

and another for him

A new poll has found that 75% of Americans think marijuana eventually will be legal, while the other 25% said, "What, it's illegal?

and yet another

Tiger Woods announced he won't play in the Masters because he is recovering from back surgery. His doctors have told him to avoid swinging—and also golfing.

and one more

To celebrate Shakespeare's 450th birthday, the Globe Theater has plans to perform Hamlet in every country of the world including North Korea. Said one N. Korean official, "Do you need a skull? Because we can get you a skull!"

Guess Seth wins big time this week. Way to go.

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