Tuesday, April 1, 2014


For me, it is a matter of having traveled the world safely. Along comes total confusion. Almost everything they have said has been contradicted or reversed. Yesterday's potential treasure or evidence becomes today's flotsam and debris. This is not a time for environmentalists to pitch their cause.

In retrospect, the airlines needed to say:

After 1000's or more of hours, millions of dollars if not billions, the cooperation of 11 countries, more fuel than we can measure, the data analysis of the most sophisticated centers in the world WE HAVE NOT A CLUE what happened to your loved ones. We, like you,  pray, wonder, and hope for a happier and safer ending.

We are sad that this has happened under our watch.We pride ourselves on safety first. We are perplexed by so many different theories and ideas that confuse rather than resolve. We feel your pain and anguish. We are trying everything we know and then some.

We will continue for as long as we can to try to clarify this unfathomable situation. If, at the end, it turns out to be our responsibility, we will take full responsibility. We assure you of that. Time will tell—we hope.

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