Tuesday, March 25, 2014


There are some "late night" jokes that tickled my fancy or in more modern speak made me LOL The bigger question is why i am doing this at 4am.

In any event, we have David Letterman saying

"North Korean leader Kim Jong Un won reelection with 100% of the vote. They say when the absentee ballots are counted the percentage could go even higher."

I say goodbye Dave, Dennis is coming to get you soon you silly rabbit!

Seth Meyers had a funny with " Today is the first day of spring. And just in time because yesterday was the 400th day of winter."

After moving to Florida in 1973 this winter vindicated me. My wife still hates it here but i keep telling her "you will get used to it!"

And finally, Conan O'Brien said, " A barber shop in Colorado is refusing to serve anyone who smells like marijuana. Today they went out of business."

Thanks for keeping us laughing guys. Soon a female will replace you all. My money is on Hillary!

Bye for now,

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