Monday, March 24, 2014


So today we get the official word that we fundamentally knew more than 2 weeks ago. The flight is lost at sea for reasons yet unknown.

The families are lost at sea as well and have been put through the ringer for all this time. The longer it lasted the more we fantasized about a landing with the people still alive. Today our hopes and prayers were dampened by reality.

Human error seems to be riddled through this saga from start to finish. In our post 9/11 world I would expect so much more. Yet it is what it is. If it were a movie it would lack credibility, which is why truth is ....

Something or someone killed 239 people and left their families in pain. God bless those lost and their sad loved ones left behind.

Every day life is a crap shoot.

Let us acknowledge and affirm that we are lucky and blessed to be here.

Bye for Now,


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