Friday, February 14, 2014


honest and touching eulogy in Time Magazine for Philip Seymour Hoffman by this friend, coworker, and fellow recovering addict Aaron Sorkin, I find myself semi-obsessed with this most sad story.

Phillip, a highly gifted actor, Oscar winner, father and family man, after years of recovery shoots heroin into his veins and dies a tragic and pointless death prematurely.

It tells us just how powerful addiction can be and how vulnerable the best of us can be. My guesstimate is that 2/3 of Americans, or perhaps more, are addicted to something from drugs to food to social media, and all stops in between.

Addiction may very well be the most deadly disease of all.

May Mr. Hoffman rest in the peace he could not find, despite having all of the life accessories one could ever ask for, except the ability to rein in his addiction. It makes no sense whatsoever, but creates devastating non-sense for too many people. May we someday find the secret to unlock this brain-based nightmare, so we people don't continue to torture, torment, or kill ourselves.

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