Monday, December 2, 2013


Face paint, fanaddicts, fun, fouls, and fantastic noise levels all contribute to this eves Monday Night Football. Could be called green eggs and hamming it up as lime green is the color of the night. Hair, dresses, shirts, hats, and faces in many shades of green.

If a person from another country was watching he or she would think it was craziness personified.

Yet, in fairness, it is very therapeutic. The screaming and yelling from stands designed to increase decibel levels helps vent people's angst as well as confuse the opposition. The allegiance to Seattle's team makes for a healthy identification with a strong and winning team. I'm pretty sure the NY Jet fans wished they lived there, as even they booed their team and their Qback. We as people tend to root for winners and abandon losers—even if they are the home team. The coaches of losers tend to quickly become—well—abandoned!

At the end of the day it is all harmless fun and healthiness by association. My nature is not fanaddical, but i admire those who can let it all hang out and care about the outcome of a game. Perhaps in my next life. Perhaps by then the Dolphins, Marlins and Panthers will be worth rooting for. Or, maybe we will have a soccer team by then worth cheering on to victory. Then again, there is always Lacrosse.

Go teams of your choice.

Bye for Now,


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