Friday, November 8, 2013


is being clobbered over health care site's lack of foresight here's is another strange tale from the crypt of our fearless and feckless leaders.

When u renew your passport u have the option of paying $12 and change to have each of them returned individually by priority mail. But priority mail costs $5.15 and the same folks who own the passport agency also own the post office.

So we declined that option thereby saving $25+ US dollars.

Guess what. The passport agency returned our new passports using—u guessed it—priority mail.

So hears the deal friends. U can pay $12+ dollars to have your passport returned priority mail or u can pay zero dollars extra to have your passport returned...u guessed it... priority mail.

But have no fear. Mickey mouse has left Orlando and is running the Washington show. And we don't even know a third of it. Perhaps it is best we don't know!

On that note, have a peaceful weekend.

Bye for now,


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