Friday, November 22, 2013


it has been 50 years. Both the TV and social media won't allow us to forget. It was, in many ways, the beginning of the end of our world as we knew it. We were the generation of naive—the "Happy Days" people. That day we were far from happy! We were flustered and flabbergasted.

I betcha a nickel, if you were a young adult then, u remember exactly where u were when the news hit.

I was teaching a class at NYU as a fellow while in grad school. The loud speaker in he room blared out the news of the tragedy. Everyone stood up and left the class  room. I never said, "Class dismissed!" It was understood. We all spent the rest of the weekend in front of our B&W TVs watching the unbelievable story unfold. It got stranger and stranger.

We lost our innocence that day and have never been able to reclaim it. From that point on it just got stranger and stranger! Never been clarified all these years later.

Prayers for the Kennedy family and for us all.

Bye for Now,


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