Friday, October 18, 2013


so today a not so nice one. 5000 miles ago I brought my car to Jiffy Lube for a simple oil change. I told the guy I was in a hurry and he said, "No problem. I can get it in a bay right now." Fifty + minutes later I went back to him and asked, "How come this is taking so long."Well sir, as part of our service we do a total car assessment—free.""But I didn't want that—I need to get out of here."

He produced a computer print out that showed numerous problems. I reiterated that I was in a hurry, but so was he. He was in a rush to get me to spend more money. "But sir, he said, "all of your filters are worn and dirty. Look at your air filter. This is what you and your kids are breathing in!" The air filter was truly corroded with everything from leaves to what looked like dog doo and all else in between. "My kids don't drive with me so please give me the bill for the oil change,"was  my now annoyed response. Annoyed  himself by his failure, he finally proceeded to check me out—well over one hour since I had arrived.What happened to the Jiffy, I wondered?

Fast forward 5000 miles. I brought my SUV into my friends at J.M. Lexus. Conrad, my service rep rocks! The place is state of the art and attends to every detail. That was Jim Moran—the courtesy man's way. In addition, to getting my brakes sorted out, I told him to have all the filters changed based on the feedback from Jiffy Lube.

When I returned to pick up the car he said, "Only the oil filter was needing replacement Dr. Penzer." I said, "Great that saves me money."

The light bulb in my head didn't illuminate till I was a few blocks away."Wait a minute." I said to myself. "The air filter didn't clean itself. If anything it got dirtier. Son of a bitch. That wasn't my air filter. That was one they show to seal the deal with car-ignorant people. Or they messed mine up and had to clean it up when I didn't bite the bait. Either way, that's more disgusting than the dirty filter they showed me."

This proves my statement of 10+ years ago, "It's not paranoid to be paranoid these days!" If you find this as repugnant as I do, please send this to Jiffy Lube HQ. I don't know if it is a corporate wide marketing gimic or a franchisee's idea of a self-serving sales plan. Either way WT you know what!

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