Monday, September 23, 2013


As I often do I left my towel in the sauna before heading for the steam room. I am not a sauna fan, but love the toasty towel it can produce. When I returned 15 minutes later the magician had made my towel disappear. Now I had a soaking wet problem. I applied and followed my own advice.

Penzer's Theory of Relativity—could have been much worse loss and I can spare a towel to a needy "magician."
Penzer's Theory of Adaptation—we humans are amazingly adaptable so paper towels and my tee shirt did the job reasonably well.
Penzer's Theory of Paranoia— it is not paranoid to be paranoid these days! Keep your towel in your locker.

If you use these three ideas life will get much easier. If you see someone with a lite brown towel tell him or her I send my love. That is my next Theory—love thy neighbor even when s/he steals your stuff. Better than getting shot by an assault rifle!

Bye for Now,


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