Thursday, August 29, 2013


Sixty percent of Americans believe we should not engage in the Syrian nightmare. I am one of them. This is not about politics, which i try to avoid in this blog. This is about learning from history and knowing when to MOOB (Mind Our Own Business).

Governmental genocide, sad as that might be, is nothing new, nor is it limited to Syria. Many ugly governments  around the world  practice it. Many more practice oppression and suppression, despite our "age of reason" world. Not all leaders are sane. At times it seems as if few are.

Even more importantly, it is not our place or role to engage in intrusive interference in other countries unless...this is threatens OUR safety. Surely, we can suspend  financial support, diplomatic relations, embassies, visits, and the like. But no more, as long as we are not in danger.

We are a peace loving nation that hopefully learned from Iraq and Afghanistan. No more war—ever. Never again—ever! No more lost young men and women to a losing cause—ever. WWIII—NEVER.

Think about it, and join the 60% who already have.

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