Saturday, August 24, 2013


I continue to find myself in situations where I trust someone only to realize that they took or tried to take advantage of me. In each situation, they present as trustable, honest, caring people. Then I come to realize that they are a wolf in sheep's clothes.

Part of my problem is that i project onto others how I operate and then become disappointed when I realize mine wasn't the only mold created. I am sure many people do the same in projecting sheep onto wolves.

There really should be a "Bill's list" similar to "Angies" where everyday slime can be outed and called on the virtual carpet. Unfortunately, Bill would probably get sued by unscrupulous attorneys claiming defamation and foul, even though the people on his list were foul.

It certainly complicates life, but as the old caveat says, "Let the buyer be ware," and whether you are a buyer, seller, friend, or family member in today's world caution is your only protection. As i said many years ago, "It's not paranoid to be paranoid these days!"

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