Saturday, August 3, 2013


and read today's newspaper in the steam room. Much as I tried the ink did not bleed off the page!

So let's not talk about the Global travel alert, which left me wondering if I could walk to my mail box, let alone fly to Europe or the Middle East. Does the government not realize the harm that is done from  their "red alerts" that say "not sure where or when but shits gonna fly!" But let's not discuss it.

Similarly, let's not talk about Sheriff Israel's yacht cruise, the BSO Deputy involved in road rage, another BSO deputy suspended in an escort/drug case, the missing pregnant teen, the two black dudes accused of raping  9 and 10 year old girls respectively, the home invasion robber who fractured an older lady's skull, or yes once again, a 34 year old man nailed in a mall in Plantation, trying to bring an underage boy (aka as a detective) back to his Coral Springs home to have sex. Absolutely no discussion needed.

Let's then laugh a little about the late night comics jokes, fed by the politicians, with whom they are having a field day.

Jay Leno:

In what has to be the most outrageous defense ever—this is real—Filner's (San Diego's "hands on" Mayor—my words not Leno's) lawyer said "if there is any liability, it's the city liable, for failing to give the mayor sexual harassment training. Oh, come on now. Just shut up!"

My take is that the mayor didn't need harassment training. He was an expert in doing that. At last count at least 9 women came forward about his coming too forward. Mayor, u r supposed to pinch the babies cheeks, not the Mom's!

Jimmy Kimmel:

In a Hawaii homeless riff said,

"If you're homeless, the state will pay for your plane ticket and your transportation to the airport. The hard part is trying to get the shopping cart in the overhead compartment." He also asked, "How do you go home if you are homeless?"

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