Monday, August 5, 2013


you are awaiting the arrival of the film PARANOIA on 8/16—NOT.  I am paranoid enough just from reading/watching the news. I carry my water gun every where I go just to be safe.

After all, it was me 10+ years ago who said, "It is not paranoid to be paranoid these days." More recently, I said, "Paranoia is essential!"

Then again, am I silly to respond to all of those nice people in foreign countries who want to share their millions with me? Or, how about the guys who call, occasionally a gal, responding to my request for a loan, which I never made. Should I not give them my routing and account numbers? As my son recently pointed out, every time you pay by check you are giving out those numbers! What about all the "free" stuff I win on line? Are you telling me not to respond? Silly rabbits.

You must be paranoid! GOOD!!

The question remains are you going to watch the movie? If yes, please send me a review—without spam or virus attached.

Bye for Now,


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