Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Apropos of the previous blog, we need to set our sights on something higher than greedy, selfish, and dishonorable. Just today I read about a guy who worked for the school system for 18 years and managed, based on his work knowledge, to steal $50k of gasoline while being paid to do his job.

And if these daily stories weren't bad enough, the billboards on the Turnpike tell the tale. The latest, by a local accident/injury law firm say "GOT $350k." "GOT $750K." Then, a few feet along they say "WON $XXX thousand at___Casino.

It feels as if we are waiting for the fantasy of instant wealth to come our way. If that happens the old fashioned way all the more power to you. If you lie, cheat and/or steal, or even gamble to get there, that is sad.

Keep this in mind—honor and integrity trump wealth every day of the week. In every way you can, avoid Greed Street, while walking proudly down Honesty Lane.

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