Friday, August 30, 2013


I have never, at least to my knowledge, been tagged in a pic on Fbook. What puzzles me is that many people who are tagged in a pic don't appear in the pic, so I'm not exactly sure what "tagged" means.

Then again, I really don't care, and as far as being untagged in any pic or being a "tagged" virgin, I'm glad—very glad—proud actually. My goal is to b the last man standing in the never tagged community.

Oops, now that I think about it someone did tag me at a book release party and i was actually in the picture along with my bride of almost 50 years. We were 11 when we eloped! Three people out of millions liked the pic! See, being tagged can b painful and make u feel rejected, but I am humbled and grateful to those 3.

But I never, ever changed my profile pic—such a nerd! For those of you who are tagged at least once a day, and change your profile pic every three hours, you are my heroes and heroines. But maybe I can b the last man standing for never changing my profile pic. Then again, as I continue to age I may just have to update the "young" Bill's photo. How long can I get away with a veritable baby pic? Foiled again.

I will keep working on maintaining my individuality on Fbook. U do the same. Perhaps the best way is to drop out and return to privacy, anonymity, and not being tagged ever again! But I would miss not seeing pics of my grand kids.

There is a cost for everything in the universe, which apropos of my last blog, is why we should NOT invade Syria.

Bye for Now,


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