Friday, August 30, 2013


I have never, at least to my knowledge, been tagged in a pic on Fbook. What puzzles me is that many people who are tagged in a pic don't appear in the pic, so I'm not exactly sure what "tagged" means.

Then again, I really don't care, and as far as being untagged in any pic or being a "tagged" virgin, I'm glad—very glad—proud actually. My goal is to b the last man standing in the never tagged community.

Oops, now that I think about it someone did tag me at a book release party and i was actually in the picture along with my bride of almost 50 years. We were 11 when we eloped! Three people out of millions liked the pic! See, being tagged can b painful and make u feel rejected, but I am humbled and grateful to those 3.

But I never, ever changed my profile pic—such a nerd! For those of you who are tagged at least once a day, and change your profile pic every three hours, you are my heroes and heroines. But maybe I can b the last man standing for never changing my profile pic. Then again, as I continue to age I may just have to update the "young" Bill's photo. How long can I get away with a veritable baby pic? Foiled again.

I will keep working on maintaining my individuality on Fbook. U do the same. Perhaps the best way is to drop out and return to privacy, anonymity, and not being tagged ever again! But I would miss not seeing pics of my grand kids.

There is a cost for everything in the universe, which apropos of my last blog, is why we should NOT invade Syria.

Bye for Now,


Thursday, August 29, 2013


Sixty percent of Americans believe we should not engage in the Syrian nightmare. I am one of them. This is not about politics, which i try to avoid in this blog. This is about learning from history and knowing when to MOOB (Mind Our Own Business).

Governmental genocide, sad as that might be, is nothing new, nor is it limited to Syria. Many ugly governments  around the world  practice it. Many more practice oppression and suppression, despite our "age of reason" world. Not all leaders are sane. At times it seems as if few are.

Even more importantly, it is not our place or role to engage in intrusive interference in other countries unless...this is threatens OUR safety. Surely, we can suspend  financial support, diplomatic relations, embassies, visits, and the like. But no more, as long as we are not in danger.

We are a peace loving nation that hopefully learned from Iraq and Afghanistan. No more war—ever. Never again—ever! No more lost young men and women to a losing cause—ever. WWIII—NEVER.

Think about it, and join the 60% who already have.

Bye for Now,


Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Apropos of the previous blog, we need to set our sights on something higher than greedy, selfish, and dishonorable. Just today I read about a guy who worked for the school system for 18 years and managed, based on his work knowledge, to steal $50k of gasoline while being paid to do his job.

And if these daily stories weren't bad enough, the billboards on the Turnpike tell the tale. The latest, by a local accident/injury law firm say "GOT $350k." "GOT $750K." Then, a few feet along they say "WON $XXX thousand at___Casino.

It feels as if we are waiting for the fantasy of instant wealth to come our way. If that happens the old fashioned way all the more power to you. If you lie, cheat and/or steal, or even gamble to get there, that is sad.

Keep this in mind—honor and integrity trump wealth every day of the week. In every way you can, avoid Greed Street, while walking proudly down Honesty Lane.

Bye for Now,


Saturday, August 24, 2013


I continue to find myself in situations where I trust someone only to realize that they took or tried to take advantage of me. In each situation, they present as trustable, honest, caring people. Then I come to realize that they are a wolf in sheep's clothes.

Part of my problem is that i project onto others how I operate and then become disappointed when I realize mine wasn't the only mold created. I am sure many people do the same in projecting sheep onto wolves.

There really should be a "Bill's list" similar to "Angies" where everyday slime can be outed and called on the virtual carpet. Unfortunately, Bill would probably get sued by unscrupulous attorneys claiming defamation and foul, even though the people on his list were foul.

It certainly complicates life, but as the old caveat says, "Let the buyer be ware," and whether you are a buyer, seller, friend, or family member in today's world caution is your only protection. As i said many years ago, "It's not paranoid to be paranoid these days!"

Bye for Now,


Sunday, August 18, 2013

I THOUGHT JOBS—the movie—

was well done and well acted. He was a most unique man whose range was from SOB to Innovator to Sensitive to Driven to finally a Loving Parent and Partner.

He gave us so much and we lost him so early, but his legacy will live forever. Geniuses die but Genius NEVER!

Bye for Now,


Thursday, August 15, 2013


Jay Leno said:

"Anthony Weiner has released a 19-page booklet on how to improve life in New York City. Oh, please, if Weiner wants to improve life in New York City, he should move to New Jersey."

If only he had used snapchat—where pics disappear in 5 seconds! If he doesn't know about that, how can he run the city of NY?

Bye for Now,


Wednesday, August 14, 2013


and I'm still going strong after a powerful and inspiring meeting today at Stupid Cancer HQ in NYC.

Just gets my brain going, and sleep seems like such a waste of time, but i will try.

If I had my druthers, sleep would come only AD—after death. Could you imagine what this world would be like, if no one slept and everyone tasked, functioned, and played 24/7?

We would either be way ahead of the pack or have killed each other off by now.

For that reason alone—snzzzz!

Goodnight for now,


Sunday, August 11, 2013


sharing Weiner/Spitzer jokes. Then again, they couldn't either, sad to say.

Jay Leno said:

"The Mars rover Curiosity is celebrating its first anniversary on Mars. So far, in the year it's been up there it's sent back 70,000 photos. I know that sounds like a lot, but it is still less than Anthony Weiner sent out."

Bye for Now,


Thursday, August 8, 2013


 In an article about the invention of the tape cassette in 1963, they say, "What now seems like a relic was a revolution in a plastic case."

Prior to that it was reel to reel tape that threaded difficultly and tore easily. I remember that well, along with the heavy bulky machine I bought to "save money" on records, by recording them from the radio. Just the beginning of "Penzer's follies."

What else might you ponder, does that " revolution to relic " idea  make you think of? Hopefully, not ME!

Bye for Now,


Wednesday, August 7, 2013


From Jimmy Fallon comes:

"Alex Rodriguez has been suspended form baseball for 211 games, but he said he'll appeal the decision and keep playing.Yeah, even Anthony Weiner was like 'Man, some people just don't know when to quit.'"

Bye for Now,


Monday, August 5, 2013


you are awaiting the arrival of the film PARANOIA on 8/16—NOT.  I am paranoid enough just from reading/watching the news. I carry my water gun every where I go just to be safe.

After all, it was me 10+ years ago who said, "It is not paranoid to be paranoid these days." More recently, I said, "Paranoia is essential!"

Then again, am I silly to respond to all of those nice people in foreign countries who want to share their millions with me? Or, how about the guys who call, occasionally a gal, responding to my request for a loan, which I never made. Should I not give them my routing and account numbers? As my son recently pointed out, every time you pay by check you are giving out those numbers! What about all the "free" stuff I win on line? Are you telling me not to respond? Silly rabbits.

You must be paranoid! GOOD!!

The question remains are you going to watch the movie? If yes, please send me a review—without spam or virus attached.

Bye for Now,


Saturday, August 3, 2013


and read today's newspaper in the steam room. Much as I tried the ink did not bleed off the page!

So let's not talk about the Global travel alert, which left me wondering if I could walk to my mail box, let alone fly to Europe or the Middle East. Does the government not realize the harm that is done from  their "red alerts" that say "not sure where or when but shits gonna fly!" But let's not discuss it.

Similarly, let's not talk about Sheriff Israel's yacht cruise, the BSO Deputy involved in road rage, another BSO deputy suspended in an escort/drug case, the missing pregnant teen, the two black dudes accused of raping  9 and 10 year old girls respectively, the home invasion robber who fractured an older lady's skull, or yes once again, a 34 year old man nailed in a mall in Plantation, trying to bring an underage boy (aka as a detective) back to his Coral Springs home to have sex. Absolutely no discussion needed.

Let's then laugh a little about the late night comics jokes, fed by the politicians, with whom they are having a field day.

Jay Leno:

In what has to be the most outrageous defense ever—this is real—Filner's (San Diego's "hands on" Mayor—my words not Leno's) lawyer said "if there is any liability, it's the city liable, for failing to give the mayor sexual harassment training. Oh, come on now. Just shut up!"

My take is that the mayor didn't need harassment training. He was an expert in doing that. At last count at least 9 women came forward about his coming too forward. Mayor, u r supposed to pinch the babies cheeks, not the Mom's!

Jimmy Kimmel:

In a Hawaii homeless riff said,

"If you're homeless, the state will pay for your plane ticket and your transportation to the airport. The hard part is trying to get the shopping cart in the overhead compartment." He also asked, "How do you go home if you are homeless?"

Bye for Now,


Friday, August 2, 2013


I advised people not to read the newspapers or watch the news on TV. About time i followed my own advice. Everyday it's about sexting,  child abuse, violence, and coercion.

So instead of the gory, disgraceful details here is a cute joke from Letterman:

"Former Governor of New York Elliot Spitzer has now gone on record as saying Anthony Weiner is not fit to be Mayor. Well, that's good enough for me. That's all I needed to hear."

Bye for Now,