Friday, July 26, 2013


There are so many people on my fbook page who I don't know. How can they be my "friends" if we don't know one another? Should I defriend them? I surely don't want to reject and hurt feelings of people I don't know.

To make matters worse there seems to be an fbook envy phenomena, not unlike Freud's penis envy idea of the late 1800's. He posited that women wanted a penis. I never thought so! For fbook it is simpler. People(with or without a penis) want a trip to somewhere peaceful and pleasant.Research now shows that friends envy "friends" who are doing/living better than they are. Furthermore, this can cause depression, not only in mice, but in nice people! How can I envy someone I don't know?

My advice is to take fbook posts with a long grain of salt. If just about everyone is oh so happy, how come the masses are miserable? Maybe, just maybe, they don't do fbook.

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