Friday, July 26, 2013


How are a 54-year-old Elementary School Principal, a 43-year-old Child Modeling Agent, and a 42-year-old former South Florida Gym Coach alike? Professionals? Yes. Mature Adults? Not necessarily.

They are all sexual predators of minor children. GASP! Hashtag: sad and sick!

Felon # 1 came from Texas to visit his parents and thought he was entering a  less than 16-year-old boy's home in Pompano for sexual favors. Alas, it was the detective he had been communicating with re the sexual rendezvous. Hopefully, he will get that in jail!

Felon # 2 was far more creative. He posed as Amanda, a 16 year old girl who would trade nude pics if the boys went first. Then the MF threatened that he (actually she) would post the nude pics and videos unless the boy would recruit his friends to video chat. He was arrested and released on bond. In 2008 he was arrested for voyeurism regarding a young boy. Hopefully, he too will go away for a long time.

Felon #3 was interested in girls—many very young ones! He was sentenced to 20 years in a place where no little girls go, but big boys, some of whom pose as girls, will enjoy his company.

It appears that child sexual abuse is at epidemic proportions sad to say. And it is hard to know whether a professional is truly that or a Sanduskyite in sheep's clothing. I can't even imagine how parents can protect their young from being taken advantage of.

As a psychologist, I understand the pathology of sexual addiction, and the compulsiveness which drives these men, and an occasional woman, to go against everything their professions and their lives represent. Yet, as a man and as a parent and grandparent, I cannot fathom what drives them to the brink of destruction of innocent children and  themselves.

And what don't they understand about detectives at the other end of email interactions, or children telling on them despite threats, etc. That is where compulsion overrides judgment and addiction overrides reality. Better they should drink!

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