Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I was this hypped blogger encouraging happiness and optimism. I hope I get back there.

Meanwhile, in the real world, 2 docs were acquitted here of anything more than money laundering. That 9 of their patients died from their scripts at a pill mill didn't seem to matter. OMG. Please read that last sentence again.

The scale of justice is getting silly and out of balance and not so nice people are being set free by clever lawyers. They didn't know it was a pill mill was their successful defense? They thought it was a place for people in pain to get their fix with some to die. They thought it was a health store filled with...pain pills? They thought they were just doing their job and upholding the Hippocratic Oath? They thought wrong. They were upholding the Hypocritical Oath.

They should burn in Hell!  Happy days are coming soon. I will let you know when.

Bye for Now,


Friday, July 26, 2013


How are a 54-year-old Elementary School Principal, a 43-year-old Child Modeling Agent, and a 42-year-old former South Florida Gym Coach alike? Professionals? Yes. Mature Adults? Not necessarily.

They are all sexual predators of minor children. GASP! Hashtag: sad and sick!

Felon # 1 came from Texas to visit his parents and thought he was entering a  less than 16-year-old boy's home in Pompano for sexual favors. Alas, it was the detective he had been communicating with re the sexual rendezvous. Hopefully, he will get that in jail!

Felon # 2 was far more creative. He posed as Amanda, a 16 year old girl who would trade nude pics if the boys went first. Then the MF threatened that he (actually she) would post the nude pics and videos unless the boy would recruit his friends to video chat. He was arrested and released on bond. In 2008 he was arrested for voyeurism regarding a young boy. Hopefully, he too will go away for a long time.

Felon #3 was interested in girls—many very young ones! He was sentenced to 20 years in a place where no little girls go, but big boys, some of whom pose as girls, will enjoy his company.

It appears that child sexual abuse is at epidemic proportions sad to say. And it is hard to know whether a professional is truly that or a Sanduskyite in sheep's clothing. I can't even imagine how parents can protect their young from being taken advantage of.

As a psychologist, I understand the pathology of sexual addiction, and the compulsiveness which drives these men, and an occasional woman, to go against everything their professions and their lives represent. Yet, as a man and as a parent and grandparent, I cannot fathom what drives them to the brink of destruction of innocent children and  themselves.

And what don't they understand about detectives at the other end of email interactions, or children telling on them despite threats, etc. That is where compulsion overrides judgment and addiction overrides reality. Better they should drink!

Bye for Now,



There are so many people on my fbook page who I don't know. How can they be my "friends" if we don't know one another? Should I defriend them? I surely don't want to reject and hurt feelings of people I don't know.

To make matters worse there seems to be an fbook envy phenomena, not unlike Freud's penis envy idea of the late 1800's. He posited that women wanted a penis. I never thought so! For fbook it is simpler. People(with or without a penis) want a trip to somewhere peaceful and pleasant.Research now shows that friends envy "friends" who are doing/living better than they are. Furthermore, this can cause depression, not only in mice, but in nice people! How can I envy someone I don't know?

My advice is to take fbook posts with a long grain of salt. If just about everyone is oh so happy, how come the masses are miserable? Maybe, just maybe, they don't do fbook.

Bye for Now,


Tuesday, July 23, 2013


seems to have knack for stepping on his weiner! Sad really, especially for his wife and family. He seems to need a support group—ITRA—Inappropriate Texting Relapse Anyonymous.

Do yourself and us a favor, Dude and step down—again!  All u r doing is handing late nite comics their best lines in a long time.

Bye for Now,


Tuesday, July 16, 2013


In yesterdays SS Sheneman's cartoon showed a "grim reaper" looking Spitzer saying "I need a plan to get voters to forget my sordid past..." Next to him stood Weiner carrying an Anthony Weiner for Mayor sign saying, "I'll show you mine if you show me yours."

Absolutely brilliant—the cartoonist that is! The candidates—they suck!!

Bye for Now,


Monday, July 15, 2013

Though I was not pleased by the almost predictable Zimmerman verdict, I was pleased that communities protested by marching instead of rioting.

I vividly remember the race riot of the 60's, when violence erupted in places like Harlem, Watts, Upstate NY and all across the nation.

We sure have come a long way BABY! Not necessarily when it comes to justice, but in terms of    voicing our feelings about injustices. And that my friends is a very good thing.

Bye for Now,


Sunday, July 14, 2013


I really need to barf!

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Friday, July 12, 2013


Americans eat...48 billion hamburgers a year. That breaks down to 3 per week per person. I eat maybe 5 a year. Somebodies eating more than their fair share. If u r the one please raise your hand.

Bye for Now,


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ray Kroc

didn't get into the hamburger business till he was 50+.

Before that he worked in a variety of jobs including:soda fountain worker, ambulance driver, stock-market board operator, cashier, paper cup salesman, radio DJ, milkshake maker and bordello piano player. He did well for a guy who couldn't hold a job!

As for the last position, if he were alive I would encourage him to run for office in NYC.

Bye for Now,


Tuesday, July 9, 2013


let me get this straight. Weiner is running for NYC Mayor. Spitzer is running for NYC Comptroller. I think it is time to bring in the infamous madam Heidi Fleiss as Vice Mayor.

At least the victory parties should be fun!

Bye for Now,


Sunday, July 7, 2013


that your weekend was peaceful and relaxing. Tomorrow reality dawns anew. Ready set, ready, ready...ready or not here comes life!

Hope it comes peacefully at you in the a.m.

Bye for Now,


Wednesday, July 3, 2013


May all of the fireworks be in the sky tomorrow!

May you enjoy at least 4 peaceful moments of calm and peace of mind.

May you hug someone whom you care about and

May they hug you back.

And may you gasp at fireworks, even though you have seen them many times before.

Finally, may we be proud of this great nation and its legacy, while sending a prayer skyward for those firefighter's in Az. who lost their lives protecting others, and another to all who were maimed or killed in the Middle East.

All of the above, is what July 4th is all about—at least in my view.

Bye For Now,