Monday, June 17, 2013


my family came down hard on yesterday's post. They used words like "harsh" and "aggressive" and the only word they seemed to like was HUMBUG!

So my sincere apologies to all those Facebook fanaddicts who took umbridge at my critical words. I meant no harm, and your babies and pets are adorable. And the meaningless events you write about are meaningful to you so why should I judge?

On yet another level of life i recommend the following books without reservation:

The Art of Racing In The Rain  by Garth Stein  The story is told by the family dog. Very meaningful words and creatively done.

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See  Might be considered a chic book, but i really enjoyed it. Much about the strange and foreign customs and beliefs about 19th century China, the "abuse" of women, told in beautiful prose.

Bye for Now,


ps Can u please explain the Heat collapse last nite to me. The two teams seem to be taking greatness turns! Do the math and u know what that means. Spurs in 7. Tell me it ain't true Mr. James.

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