Sunday, June 16, 2013


Facebook is the techno-modern version of trivial pursuit. Nine out of ten posts have neither merit nor meaning, but to the poster.

Here are the worst offenders:

I know u love your kid but I don't need to see daily pics—unless they are of my grand kids!

I mostly don't care where u r and what u r doing, unless it is very special and meaningful.

I don't even get what "tagged" means as most of the time the person "tagged" doesn't appear in the pic??

It is not interesting to me that your friend's friend had a birthday party, bridal shower, wedding, etc. and i don't need to see all the pics as one of you is sufficient, if not overkill.

With only a few exceptions all those signs you post are silly.

The pics of anonymous animals are really boring.

The pics of named animals are really boring too.

Then of course, there are these write xyz in the box below and c what happens. It is amazing. Whenever i do that nothing happens!

If you are drunk and you know it don't post your pic for your Mom and Boss to see!

I am sincerely happy your 7 year old won his t ball game. Next time email me the video or call me with the highlights. I wish there was a symbol for putting your finger down your throat.

That you are playing a game over the internet intrigues me as much as if I knew you were moving your bowels. I am sure that post will be coming soon—hopefully without a pic.

And one last one. Why do I care that u r changing your profile pic, especially when u change it every third day.

HUMBUG! I am clearly an old fart who doesn't understand the modern way people waste time aka communicating. I would post the above, but fear all would defriend me and that rejection might just not hurt and then where would I be without my Fbook friends. Isolated, lonely, and without Trivial Pursuit!!

Finally, last nite my daughter-in-law posted that my grandson got the college dorm he wanted with a/c, on premise bathroom, cafeteria in the same building, and said, "What more could a Freshman ask for? I posted "A fresh women." She didn't respond. I guess i should have pressed like and have been done with it. Creativity fails on Fbook!

Bye For now,


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