Saturday, June 15, 2013


I keep wondering about the wide-ranging inconsistency of both the Heat and the Spurs. Clearly, in the scheme of life and important matters, the question is unimportant, but rarely in life does one see such bipolar displays of achievement, from one night to the next game—greatness followed by grossness followed by greatness.

Tonight on TV, Shane Battier was asked that very question. His response, and I  paraphrase was, To answer that we need Sigmund Freud, and I don't have his cell number! That was definitely a 3 pointer.

To avoid the next turn about, even more than Siggie, we need Wade to be back to being D. Wade, as he was in game 4. And no more "funks" for the big man on campus. The Heat need him to be bright- eyed and bushy-tailed, and just as strong  and aggressive as he was in game 4.

I think many of us peripheral fans, are more curious to see who shines, than care about who wins, blasphemous as that might sound. "Go high paid players!" seems an appropriate rallying cry for both teams. That is my tee shirt for Sunday nite.

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