Saturday, April 20, 2013


I am relieved that the perps are no longer a threat or danger, but I feel no consolation. In an eye for an eye there is no equity.

As information comes in, it makes even less sense than the hypotheses previously held. The "Brothers Karamazov," had every reason to love America, seemed to reflect that by their actions, and ultimately betrayed us in the most cowardly of ways. A boxer and a wrestler had neither character, nor courage! May they rot in fucking HELL! They had NO right and didn't deserve our support or shelter.

And what good does the memorial do growing bigger and bigger at the finish line, which has now become literal? Innocent people were finished there. The runner's glory became gory in a flash.

And let's not forget the Texans near Waco. They took an even larger hit and my paranoia can't help but wonder if that was an industrial accident or yet another form of April terrorism.

The old ditty was "April showers bring May flowers." It starts to seem that those flowers are going to the grave sites of innocents throughout the world.

When is enough is enough?

Prayers to the victims and their families of yet more  insanity. If you are listening God, we need you now more than ever. But I have come to realize you need us more than ever too.

Bye for Now,


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