Wednesday, April 17, 2013


to stay upbeat, positive, and optimistic and write about that in my blogs.

But when the world falls into the center of a deep, dark hole, such as occurred in Boston, I cannot find inspiring words when all covered with perspiring feelings.

I could not begin to imagine what it felt like to be a Newtown parent whose child was robbed of life by a lunatic in a micro second of time. And I am a pretty good imaginer. Nor can I imagine how a father feels having crossed the finish line triumphantly, only to lose a son, have a daughter lose a leg or perhaps two, and a wife with brain injuries, all in a micro second of time, that will forever stand still, for him and all of us.

Horrified, once again, I am. It, sad to say, is becoming a regular occurrence. What it shows is that gun control is only one small piece of the puzzle. Human control seems totally out of control and I'm not sure we can do much about that!

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