Friday, February 1, 2013


land of opportunity and opportunism!

So my friend told me her purse was stolen from her car when she was shopping at Publix there. I assumed it was a smash and grab. NOOO!!

She put her groceries in the car along with her pocketbook. She went to put the cart in the space provided rather than just leave it there. In the brief moments she was gone someone opened her car door and grabbed her purse so fast that she did not see anything wrong.

Wasn't till she got in her car that she noticed her purse was missing.

Moral 1: Leave the cart and head for the hills!

Moral 2: Return the cart to its proper place after you have used your key pad to lock the doors!

Moral 3: Those out there aren't always good people!

Which is why, even when I go for gas, I lock my doors.

Watch your back and your car doors.

Bye for Now,


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