Saturday, February 16, 2013


I haven't had a driving ticket in over 40 years.  A while ago, a video camera said I jumped a light. I said bs and had an attorney defend me. We lost. I now have to pay $190.

First of all, I believe these cameras are unconstitutional. Second, we all know that machines do err. Third, I have noticed that traffic lights are NOT all created equal and some give fair warning and some make you stop on a dime.

The latter had me riled all rainy day today. I kept slamming on my brakes to avoid another ticket when the light quickly turned yellow, at the risk of skidding and being part of an accident.

Though I love technologies benefits, I do not like when it is used against the average citizen—especially me.

Big brother is watching and doesn't always play fair. And we have little to no recourse. I think I'm gonna sit right down and write somebody a letter, but as my grandma would say "gournish helfin." It will not help. After all, our great law people, can't even pass a law regarding texting while driving, but they will nail you and me over a fraction of a second.

More about that next week.

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