Tuesday, February 12, 2013


when I said that there would be no more politico comments. But there is a much bigger fibber than me.

For those local you are aware of the Atkins-Grad disaster in Tamarac. Patte Atkins-Grad is a (was a hopefully soon) City Commissioner in Tamarac Fl. She was indicted on accepting bribes from real estate developers to vote on approving their plans, which she did. Though the briber's testified against her, she was found innocent, reinstated in her position by the Governor, and paid all back monies due, including her defense attorney's fees.

Her defense was that she was "incompetent but not corrupt" and didn't understand the implications of their payoffs. DUH!!

The good news is that a group of devoted Tamarac residents have collected enough signatures to oust her from her commission chair and into an assisted living facility or wherever people who don't know the difference between a bribe and a gift go.

Frankly, I think they go to Hell, but that is a whole nother story.

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