Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I concluded that the world did not work anymore and wrote about it in many articles now on

Yesterday, I screamed the virtues of today's technology and the amazing advances that we have made. Today,  I scream about the world not working very well.

Several weeks ago I ordered a light fixture by phone. After many attempts to track it down, today Lowe's said, "It never got shipped. Will go out tomorrow." Then a long story about some paint samples which we were told were returnable, until we were told they weren't. Watch out for the "work" "If you don't love the color guarantee." Four people defined the rules differently for me including 1 800 customer complaints and over $15 they lost me as a customer.

Then I went to AT&T. I told the check in guy my problem and he said to have a seat. Fifty minutes later the gal said, "This is an Apple issue, not an AT&T one." And why couldn't the guy tell me that when I signed in?" I asked. She had no clue.

DOES ANYONE? Please raise your hand if you have a clue. Not seeing any hands raised. Maybe tomorrow.

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