Wednesday, January 2, 2013


There is a fourth fan!!

Justin B u b on the alert as I continue to trend. While I am at it what does anyone c in this dude? If he was anymore full of himself he would barf on stage again. When he came on NYE we went to bed. He makes Pit Bull look good—well better!

OK. I am old. Twelve-year-old prepubescent girls think he is the dreamy sex toy of their much too short short's fantasies. Hopefully, they will grow up soon and cover themselves better and pick a better idol. How about Frankie or Elvis or am I dating myself?

Bye For Now,


ps Oh what fun it is to press "publish" at 10:25 pm. Overcoming habits is a New Year's resolution come true. Now for the tougher ones. Well, maybe next year!

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