Tuesday, January 8, 2013


When our grandsons were born almost 18 and 16 years ago, communications were limited and distance was difficult.

With our new granddaughter we enjoy text pics and email pics and videos of that famous Itzy Bitsy Spider. In addition, we have FaceTime and Skype live, in her beautiful face, catch ups. Though it is not the same as being there and pinching all four cheeks, it certainly keeps us updated on a daily basis and the most amazing part it is all pretty much free.

Not to mention when I texted a friend wishing she and her family a happy new year, her response came from Bali.

There is no denying that the computer age has its challenges, but it also has its moments of wonderment, fascination, and simple connections. If you don't believe me just send me a text with your opinions.

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