Friday, January 18, 2013


Today, this afternoon in fact, I could not send emails. So I goggled yahoo customer care. Got some 800 #'s. Guy answered right away. Should have known there was something wrong.

He sounded like he was from India or thereabouts so that sounded normal too.

"Oh, you have an infection from facebook," he said. "I must log on to your computer to fix it." Schmuck me let him logmein. To make a long, bs story shorter he took me thru a variety of twists and turns and finally said "For $299.95 I will fix this problem!"

At that point I said, "Is this Yahoo?" He said "We are Yahoo technicians." "Get off my computer" I shouted. And he did.

The moral of the story is simple. Those who ain't eyeing your purse or brief case in your car are working you and me in every way possible. And they are good at it.

Proceed with caution. Let the person be wary of everything cause it ain't paranoid to be paranid these days—it is sensible and protective.

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