Thursday, December 20, 2012


Tomorrow is one week since the Newtown tragedy and I am still very sad and I am sure you are too.

Yet, children went back to school, adults went back into the world, movie theaters, planes, restaurants, churches, and just about every place will fill over winter break. Life in all spheres will go on for us all. Unfortunately, nothing will truly console the families who lost loved ones—ever! Time may ease but never heals all wounds.

That said, I have always been impressed with our ability to stare tragedy and trauma in the face and assume "it will not happen to us," or our loved ones.  I call this our healthy denial mechanism. It enables us to observe and know that "bad things happen to good people" and still venture forth into the universe as a good person.

Once upon a time I had agoraphobia as my degree did not come with a vaccine attached. Back then there was no safe space. Every zone of my life was filled with dangerous potentials (real and imagined) and every zone of my being was flooded with anxiety. I am happy to say I got past that nightmarish time and it never returned.

For those of us who can embrace "healthy denial" we can drive on highways that we know house head-on collisions, fly in airplanes or go on cruise ships that occasionally go down, walk into public spaces that sometimes become scenes of destruction, and do our very best to engage calmly, optimistically, and comfortably.

Without that healthy denial mechanism no one would drive a car, or leave their homes, and all children would be home schooled.

The evil doers of the world can scare us, hurt us, and even kill us, but they cannot kill the human spirit that enables us to move steadily forward despite the obstacles and dangers that are out there.

May the evil doers of the future kill themselves before, not after, they have hurt and killed others.

May the holidays and new year be a safe and peaceful time for you and those you love.

Bye For Now,


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