Wednesday, November 14, 2012


to the victims of Sandy. The pics still look ugly and sad. The people have been through the mill. Home after home, car after car lost. Still 100,000 with no electric 2 weeks later.  My friends still don't know if their condo on the Jersey Shore survived. My daughter just got TV, phone and email back last nite, but that seems a small price to pay relative to others. My friends are still in a hotel in NJ with a rental car as theirs drowned and their elevator is not working to get them to their 10th floor apartment. In fact, their building may be condemned due to damage to beams in the garage that help hold the building up.

Ansd to add insult to injury 70% of Venice, Italy is under water for the second time in a month.

Our prayers and our support need to go to those who are still struggling and suffering.

Let us hope that Mother Nature calms herself down for the rest of the winter—OHMMM!

Bye for Now,


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