Wednesday, November 7, 2012


what it is like to be Mitt or Barack at this very moment—4:45 pm on Tuesday 11/6.

Having logged tens of thousands of hours, spend literally a billion plus dollars each, travelled the country shouting out their messages, distorted as they might be, what does it feel like to wait for the results and silently wonder who has won and who has lost? Who will live in the White House and who will be in the outhouse?

I hear Ryan S. in my mind saying, "America has voted..." But this is no singing contest. This is a contest that will determine America's future and fate for the next four years. It will also determine the future and fate of the candidates, as well as my children's and grand children's. In an election there is no second place—there is only winner take all and four years from now for the loser to regroup—if even they can.

The beauty of the event lies in the democratic process itself. I came in touch with that as we waited 2+ hours to cast our vote in what seemed like an antiquated system. At least there will be no "hanging chads" in Florida this time!

May the man win who is better positioned to lead us forward. Despite all of the rhetoric, angry ads, debates, phone calls and the like, I still have no clue as to who that may be, but time will tell. Once upon a time there was passion in my vote. Now there is only compassion for them both. I wonder what they are thinking and feeling right this minute. Push aside the veil of confidence and there has to be total angst and agitation. Someone will be feeling awfully frustrated and foolish by morning. It can't be otherwise as no one likes to lose, especially when the stakes are so high and the investment "all in."

I trust the system. At the end of the day, that is all one can do.

God bless America and God bless us all.

Bye For Now,


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