Friday, November 9, 2012


I am a guy who used to go to the Surrey movie theater on Mt. Eden Ave  or the Luxor on 170th Street, both in the Bronx NY.  A quarter—25 cents—would get me in on a Saturday afternoon and that included a newsreel and several cartoons including the main feature. And I could sit in the smoking section on the right and smoke, feeling like a BMOC at age 14. Silly but true. I won't even tell you what the hotdogs, fries, and a coke before the movie cost.

Last Saturday, we took our grandson to see a 3-D cartoon about a video game character who comes to life. The movie was okay, but the tab was not! It cost $35.50 for three of us after an AARP discount—without a drink or popcorn. That, my friends, is silly too. There was no newsreel or cartoon, but there was too many previews stretching out to 2014.

It is no wonder, in these challenging times, that movies are not doing too well. There needs to be a relationship between value added and value charged. Or, people like me, will not keep overpaying.

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