Wednesday, October 24, 2012


In looking at Sunday's paper—local section—here are the headlines and info that appeared:

"Pair discuss burglary in patrol car," which was caught on internal car video as they passed a joint back and forth in the back seat. Party hearty with a joint on the way to the joint, while admitting to the crime and details. Really? That's bad stuff they b smokin!

"Thief targets assisted living facilities" Never disrespect older folk, especially since I am getting up there! Really!

"Online child-sex sting nets 23 men, including doctor."  Really?

"Man exposes self to family at mini-golf" Adds a whole new dimension to the term birdie! Takes balls to do that—really!

"Woman likes bologna maybe a bit too much." Lady arrested for repeatedly calling 911 to say how much she enjoyed the sandwiches when in jail. Perhaps she wanted more and she got them. She must be full of you know what!

"Overdue library book bars her homecoming." A high school principal barred a freshman from going to her school's homecoming because of an overdue library book. Considering the above she should have been the homecoming queen! The principal, on the other hand, was full of bologna! Really.

Somewhere, buried in  the above I am trying to make a point, but I'll be darned of I know exactly what it is. Either people are getting stranger or I am getting older and finding it harder to make sense out of nonsense or perhaps d) all of the above and more.

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