Monday, October 8, 2012


The Hollywood trained part of me wanted Adam Greenberg, the baseball player that was hit in the head by the very first pitch he faced as a major leaguer in 2005, to knock it out of the park when he was given a chance to hit in the Marlin's next to last game of the season. If not a homer, at least a single or even a long fly ball. But this was reality not tinsel town.

When he struck out in three pitches, the play fair part of me felt the pitcher, R.A. Dickey sure lived up to his name. In a meaningless game at the end of a not so great season for both teams did Dickey really need one more strike-out on his 20 game winning record? Could he have eased up just a tad? He sure could have as could the ump who called the first strike.

But then another part of me kicked in and I saw the scene thru a lens of self-renewal, recovery, and homecoming. Adam came back to the majors and for a couple of glorious moments stood at the plate and took his licks and didn't get beaned. The smile on his face said it all and the Marlins did a mitzva, which in some ways is more important in the long run than their being in last place.

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