Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I am more and more convinced that the title of this blog is undeniably true. It is through that lens of relativity that we need to view and value our lives. Too often we exaggerate our misfortunes, seeing things that happen to us as 8-10+ (on a ten point scale) when, in fact, they are 4s or less. We need to save the 8+s for when they hit. If not, we will have depleted ourselves and our resources, when it comes time to cope with the biggies.

Here is an example from my Cancerville books:

        1              2            3           4           5               6               7            8          9           10

           nasty cold                        flu                        pneumonia                      lung cancer               or this

           getting lost in Italy          fender bender      crash with injuries          crash with fatalities

Tomorrow, as troubles encounter you, try to use this scale to see them in perspective. The more we see our problems clearly and objectively, the better we are able to cope, manage, and overcome them.

And, if your problem is truly 8+ call in some help, support, and guidance.

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