Friday, September 28, 2012


Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.

—author unknown


Bye For Now,


Thursday, September 27, 2012


For those of you tired of my bitching about my lingering cold, I'm pleased to report that I am feeling much better.

It was just a cold, but a kick ass one!

Be well and happy.

Bye for Now,


Monday, September 24, 2012


Healthy and fulfilling New Year to my Jewish readers.

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Mr. Smith Comes Back to The Game

This Baltimore football team's player's younger brother was killed in the early hours of Sunday in an accident. He broke camp to be with his family. Then he returned and played his heart out. Some will wonder how he did that.

My fantasy is that he decided to play to honor his brother's memory and to be there for the team. And did he ever. His focus was total and his commitment 150+%. That is one special man, brother, family man and teammate.

He deserves our complete respect, as he reflects the old motto that the "show" must go on. He is a role model for all who face adversity and life's challenges squarely. I can't help but admire Mr. Smith. Prayers for his brother and their family.

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Friday, September 21, 2012


I am honing in on 800 blogs. Have you read them all?

If these were homers, I'd be in the baseball Hall of Fame. I hope there is a bloggers Hall of Fame someday. If so, please cast your vote in my direction.

Have a peaceful weekend.

Bye for Now,


Thursday, September 20, 2012


The biggest problem with my aging is that I feel young, act young, and am shocked when I don't feel so young. Like when jet lag lags for weeks. Like when a cold (just a cold) lingers for weeks. And when a walk in the park turns into physical therapy. Like when skin once taut and firm, wrinkles like a linen shirt. Like when I look in the mirror and see I morphed into my grandpa! Like when I can't lose a pound no matter how much I starve. Like when I...well you get the drift.

And yes, this beats the alternative— BUT it leaves much to be desired.

It may be true that youth is wasted on the young but now you tell me?

Bye for Now,


Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Courtesy is the shortest distance between two people.

—Abigail Van Buren

It is dangerous for a national candidate to say things that people might remember. (Hear that Mitt?)

—Eugene McCarthy

Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.

—James Barrie

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


On Friday, already feeling weakened by my "just a cold" experience, I was heading to a home visit (who said Drs. don't make house calls?) at 8:30 a.m. when I was rear-ended while sitting at a light.

The noise was a loud "CRASH" and I immediately exited the car to check what I assumed was a crunched-in rear. To my surprise, there was no damage, but a few paint chips. The driver apologized profusely, admitted he was distracted (texting maybe?) and offered me some money. Then, as it turned out, he had no money.

So, I shook his hand and said, "Look we weren't injured, no harm done, let's call it even" and we drove on. That's the way life should be. If it is a 1 on a 10 point scale then we should treat it as such and mosey on by.

Bye For Now,


Monday, September 17, 2012


"It's just a cold, it's just a cold," I keep repeating to myself like a powerful Zen mantra.

 But this "it's just a cold" is just kicking my butt. Caused me to cancel a weekend trip to NYC for the Jewish holiday. Caused me to have to draw from reserve energy to give a two hour talk for Oncology Social Workers on Friday, which actually went very well. Caused me to detour from my usual daily two mile walk in the park.

But, thank goodness, it is just a cold.

A healthy New Year to my Jewish blog friends. May it just be "just a cold."

Bye for Now,


Friday, September 14, 2012


Causing me to feel weak, out of focus, and not my usual energetic self.

But, relatively speaking, it is just a cold that will pass in time, which is much easier to deal with than a serious and prolonged illness. I am thankful for that and try my best not to be the "baby" that whines and complains.

No more achoo's—just a heavy head and an overwhelming need to sleep.

So, I'm going to bed now. But I have book edits to work on!!

Still a 1 on a 10 point scale. Hope your woes are as well.

Bye for now,


Thursday, September 13, 2012


Let's take this silly, irritating cold one strep further. I started a diet (finally!) last week. Goal is 30 lbs down. I have lost 6 pounds so far.

Relatively speaking, the cold saps my appetite and reduces it to soup and not much more. On a diet that is a very good thing to help one get in the groove/ zone of less eating and more weight loss.

Just sounds yummy to me.  Achoo!

Bye For Now,


Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Apropos of Monday's blog there are even more issues of relativity, relative to catching a cold.

It could have come while we were away for three weeks, which would have put a damper on our trip. It is also more pleasant to deal with illness when one is home, not living out of a suitcase in a small hotel room.

Or, my cold could have come next Friday, when I am scheduled to give a presentation workshop for Social Workers who specialize in oncology.

Relatively, speaking this cold came just when I needed it to—Achoo.

Bye for Now,


Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Today will always be a sad day for the world.

My prayers to the families of those who perished.

While in Italy I met a man from England who told me his brother was in NYC on 9/11 and died while giving a breakfast presentation in Windows on the World. As much as we are aware that 3000+ innocent people were killed that day, it makes it so much more real when you meet someone who was directly affected by it.

Peace and Love,

Bye for Now,


Monday, September 10, 2012


On Friday I came down with a cold. On my 1-10 scale it is less that 1. "Why?" you might ask.

Because on Friday plenty of people were diagnosed with cancer, diabetes, heart conditions, and other serious stuff. Compared to that a cold is nothing!

And let's face it, at worst it is a temporary irritant, annoyance, inconvenience BUT no big deal.

Applying the relativity ideas helps us cope better and better tolerate the small stuff—and a lot of it is small stuff.


Bye for Now


Friday, September 7, 2012


Einstein developed a theory of relativity.
Penzer developed a theory of relativity.

Which one do you understand? Clearly, everything is relative!

How does Penzer Bagels sound to you?

Bye for Now,


Thursday, September 6, 2012


and feel the heat of $4.00 a gallon see it in perspective. In Italy and all over Europe gas is 1.85 Euros per liter or thereabouts. With 4 liters to a gallon that comes to 7.40e which comes to 11+ dollars—a freaking gallon.

Four bucks ain't so bad!

Bye for Now,


Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I am more and more convinced that the title of this blog is undeniably true. It is through that lens of relativity that we need to view and value our lives. Too often we exaggerate our misfortunes, seeing things that happen to us as 8-10+ (on a ten point scale) when, in fact, they are 4s or less. We need to save the 8+s for when they hit. If not, we will have depleted ourselves and our resources, when it comes time to cope with the biggies.

Here is an example from my Cancerville books:

        1              2            3           4           5               6               7            8          9           10

           nasty cold                        flu                        pneumonia                      lung cancer               or this

           getting lost in Italy          fender bender      crash with injuries          crash with fatalities

Tomorrow, as troubles encounter you, try to use this scale to see them in perspective. The more we see our problems clearly and objectively, the better we are able to cope, manage, and overcome them.

And, if your problem is truly 8+ call in some help, support, and guidance.

Bye For Now,


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I'm Back!

In my new world order, a successful trip is one in which no one got sick or hurt. It is about having survived treacherous road conditions on the hair-pin slopes of Italy. It is about managing to  navigate with a lady who only spoke Italian—until we got home. It is about tolerating less than ideal conditions and meals that showed no signs of varying. It is about being sneezed on by 137 people and not getting sick.

It is also about exploring new places and seeing sights and vistas never before imagined. That is what travel is all about. And we lived to tell the tales. It's all good.

More tomorrow, especially about relativity. So good to be back in the US of A. Don't let the politicians fool you. We rock! In our weakest moments, we are stronger than other countries in their strongest hours. That, my friends, is a fact.

Bye For Now,