Thursday, July 26, 2012


When I visited Bernie Siegel, M.D., in May I dressed mostly in purple. He believes that color reflects someone being open to spiritual learning. Even before I knew that, Ronnie and I began to wear that color more often because my book covers are purple.

So I was quite relieved to learn that the Weston, Fl Sheriff's office is doing every thing they can to ensure law and order prevails during these turbulent times.

On March 6, 30 or so bicyclists were riding through Weston. The group left the bike lane to pass a slower rider and two joggers. The sheriff singled out just one woman to ticket for that "awful" trespass. He gave her a $65 ticket because she "stood out" in her purple outfit, while letting the rest go free.

You might wonder why Molli S, a triathlete, was wearing purple? Because she is a cancer survivor trying to bring awareness to pancreatic cancer!

Well done officer—NOT! It is reassuring to know that our streets are safe from bike lane violators—especially those who are Cancerville survivors.

Perhaps next time he can nab a "Special Olympics" trainee or some other "super sleuth" evading the law.

Nonetheless, Ronnie and I will keep wearing purple every chance we get to honor cancer, to reflect our openness to learning and spiritual growth, to symbolize my books, and to acknowledge Molli. Go Gal!

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