Monday, July 23, 2012


There is nothing more quintessential than going to the movies on a Friday night or Saturday afternoon. It was always a Norman Rockwell moment—even on Sunday to watch "Never On Sunday."

In that dark space we could smoke cigarettes until we advanced to making out, which required nothing less than perfect breath. We could also enjoy the likes of Brando, Wayne, Sinatra, and a bevy of beautiful ladies, like Gina, Gretta, Gloria, and Grace who always disappeared just before they did the "dirty deed," but thankfully reappeared all showered and cleansed for the next scene in those censored and sounds of silence days of the 50's and 60's. The movie theater was our hangout, especially in the rain; it only cost  a quarter, if you could convince the cashier, that even though you had a pack of Marlboro in your shirt pocket or under your rolled up sleeve, you were still a child under 14. And we were!

Will anyone be able to go to a movie again without giving passing thought about the tragedy last Friday night in Aurora, Colorado? Are there not many more Mr. Holmes' out there planning and plotting their insanity debut, right in front of the big screen, a super-market, or a fast-food joint near you? "Hello world, I'm crazed and you are F'in dead! Aren't I the cat's meow?"

I have met many people who carry permitted  guns for this very reason. Though I am not a gun person, times like these make me wonder—shoot or be shot?

May our prayers and hearts go out to the families of these most innocent victims who went to enjoy a Dark Knight movie, and ended up losing their life or being seriously injured on a very, very, very dark night!

It is bad enough that we have terrorists from other countries trying to get us. When our own intelligent and charming Ph.D. students turn against us in their moment of crazymaking, we are truly left completely in the dark.

Bye & Sad for Now,


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