Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Having completed, "How to Cope Better When You Have Cancer, " a book I hope you never read but for professional or curiosity reasons, my blog will return to 5 days a week. That said, I will take off from August 9th to after Labor Day for good behavior. Your assignment will be to read all of the blogs you missed. There will be a test on September 4th!

On a more serious note the flags are flying at half mast in the park I walk 2 miles each day. Today I saw them in my mind not only paying  respects to the Aurora victims of crazymaking, but also to the victims of the Sandusky abuse. He stole young boy's innocence, trust, and sense of fair play. How obscene it was to create a helping organization for boys, that served to recruit his innocent victims. How disgraceful it was of him to use the playing field of sports, to play so dirty. How outrageous it was for everyone in command to turn away for the good of their Penn cause, when the sick SOB should have gone to the pen many years ago! May he go there now and receive the very painful treatment he dolled out.

What good really are the sanctions? $60 mill will be ponied up by rich alumni. The loss of face and scholarship will only hurt young athletes at the school. Tossing Paterno's statue and wins will not help the children affected, and almost seem irrelevant to the crimes that were perpetuated. His teams won those 14 titles; but he lost his way, as did so many others. We count on people in powerful positions to be honorable; perhaps that is our biggest mistake.

Nor will the words of the well-meaning president or the kind-hearted in Colorado, do much to revive the dreams of all the young people who lost their lives at the hands of a homicidal maniac. Though he delusionally believed he was The Joker, his was no joke—it was  the biggest of tragedies!

There are some crimes and injustices for which no punishment is sufficient and no words adequate. The flags at half mast tell the sorry tale and help us remember those who didn't deserve what they received. May the victims and their families eventually find peace.

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