Wednesday, July 11, 2012


but the more i read, the more i become perturbed. Yesterday I saw a bumper sticker that said, "Support America—buy a congressman!" Perhaps it should have added or "buy a presidential election" given the hundreds of millions that are poured into the campaign by both sides, not to mention the shady shades of gray or is that a sexy book of a different dirty nature? And by the way how did an old Jewish guy who owns casinos become a major macha in politics anyway?

I expressed my vote before. We elect a President for 5 years and DONE! That gives him or her a chance to be a leader without worrying about the next election and having to look over one's shoulder the whole time in office. I also believe there needs to be 4 or more VPs who divide up the duties.

No two people, no matter their talents, can lead such a diverse and overwhelming set of issues that range from domestic health care to what do do with and about Iran, the European economic crisis, and large soda cups! I nominate Mike B. for VP of soda, especially since he is soon out of a job.

You just have to laugh or you are gonna cry!

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